Tuesday, 8 January 2013

என்.ஜி.ஓவிற்கு ஒரு மடல்

    I am Ms.Selvi ,a head teacher  from Tadika Sinar Cahaya Jaya working with CHILD  since 2005.First of all I would like to express my greatest gratitude for having  confidence in joining myself as a CHILD teacher. I was literally learned and improved myself as an early childhood educator once involve myself with this organisation.CHILD  is a non profit organization that carry out many benefits for both teachers and their children.We as teachers ,really enjoying many facilities which are difficult to be matched by other private kindergarten.

      A non profit organization with abundance experience in early child education under  the leader ship of Dr.Ingkaran and his devoted team  managing teaching curriculum and methodology. CHILD  prepared experienced teachers who are constantly being exposed and trained by qualified trainers from HPP. A sound start from Tamil education  embarks every parents to register their children in CHILD kindergartens. .Many tamil preschools has come across various change and lots of improvement as well progress throughout the period since  CHILD adopted  them.It was not an easy task to achive this present status.It cannot be denied also that many bodies have played their role for the current status.

     Our  annual  combine activities among Selangor preschools  like sports ,story telling ,tevaram competition and graduation helping our CHILD children to upgrade themselves in both academic and co-curriculum. Monthly meetings and workshops also an important  activities for CHILD teachers  .Helping others problems and find solution in both teaching and learning is a golden opportunity  when work as a team.

    No doubt  to say that CHILD has mold and put it’s utmost attempt to create and produced skilled teacher to our society.I take this opportunity to thank Dr.IyangkaranKunaletcuhmi  for their kind support and  service towards tamil preschools and their teachers.

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  1. ////No doubt to say that CHILD has mold and put it’s utmost attempt to create and produced skilled teacher to our society/////
    This word is saying that, how much you people worked to attain this position.
    I really appreciate and honour you sister.